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Aluminum Door Repair Toronto

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Aluminum Door Repair Services Toronto

Aluminum Door Repair Toronto

Aluminum doors with aluminum frame are always rust-free and break at least once in 3 years

It is always difficult to decide on from where to start when giving your local store a new look. The exterior of your Storefront is the one that catches the eye of your visitors. Dented steel frame or broken entry doors leave a very bad impression of your business in the mind of the visitors. An unfortunate incident of business breaking may leave your doors in a bad state.

If you need a door repair or installation service for your business
anywhere in Toronto, you are at the right place! Integrum Locksmith and
Doors has built a solid reputation over the years. We provide fast and efficient 24/7 emergency response

Commercial Aluminum Door Repair Toronto

It is our mission to give our customer the value of their money by providing them premium door break-in protection and prevention services at the most affordable rates. We carry heavy duty Aluminum Door Repair Toronto hardware 

We can repair or replace front doors of homes, offices and stores. We have the right technician to every door type you might have, from glass entry doors, wooden door frames or even fixing related door hardware such as door closer or openers, high security locks and of course.. fast emergency repair!

Our technicians are specialized in offering repair and maintenance of Aluminum Door Repair Toronto, fire escape doors, impact doors and any type of store entrance doors. They are just a phone call away from you!

Continues Hinge Installation
The Best Solution for Broken Pivots Due the Weather in Ontario
Pivot Replamcement
The Pivot Broke on your Storefront ? Contact us
Door Closer Leaking Oil
Sign the the Door Closer Need to be Replaced is Leaking Oil and The Door is Slamming.
Door Closer Replacement
We have wide verity of Door Closers for any Door Type
Break In Door Repair
We Fix and Install doors and frames & Glass Panel Replacements. Our door repair professionals.
Storefront Door Installation
Storefront Doors & Frames, Contact us




Frequently Asked Questions:


Regular Day Rates Can Round at 29$ – 95$For Service Call for traveling to your location in the GTA Area the Price Splits to 3 Things1. Location (Travel Distance)2. Time of the Day After 8:00 PM After Hours Charged are Applied.3. The Actual job is Priced Differently Due to the Complexity of the Service Average Prices for Lockouts are 120$ – 550$Depending on the Locks and the Level of Security They Provide.

Every Profession and Business owner Have Their Expenses to even get Jobs to Be Able to Provide Service and Make a Profit as a  Locksmith is Included a Lot of Expenses Around the Service that you are not aware of as Advertising Costs, Pay Per Click costs, Parts, Fuel, Insurance, Employees and Etc.… Witch Make the Price Accordingly.  

Yes, it is Possible!  but Not On Every Lock, this Process is Called Shimming, We Remove the Lock you Don’t have Keys for, to Reach the Cylinder, to be able to push a Shim ( Thing Metal Aluminum Stick ) Between The Cylinder and the Chamber With a New Key with No Cuts it Requires a Very High Leve of Skill Don’t Try it at Home : )  

  1. Good Locksmith Will Find the Simplest (Cheapest) Lock you Got on your Property to Save you Cost and Time.
  2. He Will Check If Possible to Pick the Lock First or Open it With Airbags If Possible, an Unskilled Locksmith Will Drill Your Lock with No Questions.
    Note: Not Every Lock Is Possible to Pick or Open with Airbags. Drilling is the Worst-Case Scenario
  3. Good Locksmith Will Explain the Prices to you Before Starting to Work so Everything will Be Clear to All Sides.

    Note:Not Every Lock Is Possible To Pick Or Open With Airbags. Drilling its the Worst Case Scenario

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