Automatic Door Openers

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Automatic Door Openers

Are you trying to find ways to stop germs from spreading throughout your office building? In fact, door knobs are some of the most germ-infested items in senior living facilities, and commercial buildings. Just by using the doors in your building, it is very likely that someone will get infected.

In order to keep your occupants secure and protected, Integrum Locksmith offers a number of products that enable hands-free control of automatic doors. These items are frequently used in public restrooms, laboratories, and restaurants where cleanliness is important. They are a cheap and practical way to stop viruses or bacteria from spreading on doorknobs.

For installing, repairing, or replacing automatic door openers in commercial properties, get in touch with us today.

Dirty Door Handles Result in Cross Contamination

When people touch door handles, pull doors open, or press door buttons they can spread germs to one another through cross-contamination. A single doorknob can spread germs via public restrooms, factories, office buildings, hospitals, and homes within hours.

Preventing germs from adhering to surfaces like door knobs is the best way to keep the people in your building safe. The transmission of germs can be stopped by finding germ hotspots and cleaning them carefully. But it takes a lot of time and works to do this. Switching out mechanical door handles for automatic ones is the best choice.

Keep Your Environment Germ-Free with Hands-Free Switches

Hands-free technology is becoming accessible and more popular. Touchless light switches, Google Home, and other items with voice control and Bluetooth capabilities have become very common in everyday life. In commercial buildings, doors are opened for you by motion and wave sensors, which also help in maintaining building entrances clean.

Professional Door Installation in North Carolina

In order to professionally maintain and install automatic door openers in Toronto and GTA, our team sends you well-trained and certified people. Whether you require a single automatic operator, hands-free door switches in numerous locations, or an entire facility upgrade, all project phases are handled by us.

We at Integrum Locksmith will work with you to find solutions for all of your automatic door-opening requirements. For additional details on which package is best for you, get in touch with us right away.

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