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Looking for professional automatic sliding commercial door repair service in the GTA Our team at Integrum Locksmith & Doors provides 24/7 services to enhance the accessibility and security of your business. With advanced technology, these doors open and close smoothly, making it easy for customers to enter and exit. Additionally, they provide an added level of security by controlling access to the building. Contact us today to schedule a repair appointment.

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Automatic Sliding Door Repair

Integrum Locksmith & Doors has the trained professionals you need to fix any problems with your automated sliding doors. We have the knowledge and experience to repair your doors and get them working and secure again.

Please contact us at 1-(844)-228-4012 to discuss your repair requirements and arrange for service. If you need help giving your doors the care they deserve, our skilled specialists are here to help.

Integrum Locksmith & Doors’ dependable repair services have benefitted many businesses and homes. Our expertise in guiding customers toward the best automatic sliding doors for their buildings has been repeatedly lauded. In addition to installing new doors, you can also rely on us to repair any doors you already have.

When your automatic sliding doors stop working, call Integrum Locksmith & Doors for expert repair services.

Automatic Sliding Door installation

At our company, we’ve put together a team of the best professionals in Ontario who are experts at fixing and installing automatic sliding doors of any kind. Our experts have a lot of knowledge and experience, so they can fix any broken part in your automatic doors quickly and easily.

One of our main goals is to offer great service at a price that everyone can pay. We know how important it is to keep an eye on your budget, so we offer prices that are much lower than factory prices without lowering the quality of our work.

When you use our services, you can be sure that our team will go above and beyond to make sure that your automatic doors work as well as they can. Our experts are well-equipped to handle any job with accuracy and speed, whether it’s detecting and fixing technical problems, replacing broken parts, or installing the whole thing from scratch.

We’re proud of our ability to give you automatic door options that work well and last a long time. We stand out as a trusted provider in the industry because we strive for greatness and make sure our customers are happy.

Contact us right away to get the help of our highly skilled pros and to have your automatic sliding doors repaired and installed in the best way possible.

The Benefits Of Installing Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic folding business doors make it easy and quick for people to get into and out of the building. They don’t need to be opened and closed by hand, which is especially helpful during busy times.

Security: These doors can be fitted with keycard readers or fingerprint scanners to control who can get in and out of the building.

Energy efficiency: Controlling the flow of air and light into a building is one way that automatic folding business doors can help save money on energy costs.

Durable: The automatic sliding industrial doors are made of high-quality materials that are made to last, making them a good investment for any business.

Before you choose an automatic sliding door or, think about how well they fit your needs. These doors give you better views and more natural light. They increase the amount of natural light inside and let you see the beautiful views of the city outside. This also means you won’t have to spend as much money on electricity to light the room.

Also, not closing manual doors can lead to changes in temperature and energy loss, both of which will show up on the energy bill. Instead of human doors, automatic slide doors only open when they need to, which fully solves this problem.

Contact Integrum Locksmith & Doors To set up a consultation, get in touch with us. Since users are unlikely to become caught in automated sliding doors, the danger of harm is drastically minimized. Additionally, since the safety sensors make sure the door opens in time before calamity hits, there is less possibility of kids rushing into the door! 

Additionally, regardless of one’s physical ability, anyone may enter a building thanks to automatic doors. Furthermore, since there is no need for direct physical contact with the door, which lowers the danger of germ transfer, these doors allow you to maintain high cleanliness standards in situations like hospitals. If automated sliding doors are appropriate for your home, our devoted team of door specialists will inform you of this.

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Whether in a hospital, a retail store or grocery, an office, hotel, public building, or private residence, it is worth it to consider doors given their myriad benefits. The technicians at Integrum Locksmith and Doors are experts at installing, maintaining, and repairing these automatic doors or commercial doors. Call 1-(844)-228-4012 today to find the most affordable and convenient door solution for you throughout the GTA.

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Some common issues include the door not opening or closing properly, the door not staying open, motor problems, sensor issues, and misaligned tracks.

It is not recommended as automatic sliding doors contain complex mechanics and electrical systems that require professional knowledge and experience to repair.

The cost of repair can vary based on the type and extent of the issue, but on average it can range from $100 to $500.

Signs that your door may need repair include slow or noisy operation, door not closing or opening properly, door not staying open, and problems with sensors.

If your door won’t open or close, first check the power supply and the door’s control panel. If these are fine, it may be a mechanical or sensor issue and you should call a professional for repair.

Regular maintenance such as cleaning tracks, lubricating moving parts, and tightening screws can help prevent repairs and prolong the life of your door.

Common problems include door opening/closing too slowly or quickly, door not opening or closing at all, door reversing direction, or door not locking properly.

Check the door sensors for any obstructions, inspect the track for debris, and ensure that the door is properly aligned. If the problem persists, a professional technician may need to be consulted.

It’s recommended to have automatic sliding doors serviced at least once a year to ensure they are functioning properly and to prevent future problems.

Check the door sensors for any obstructions or damage, and adjust the door controls if necessary. If the problem persists, a professional technician should be consulted.

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