Break-in Entry Door repair Markham

Qualified professional for entry door repair services.

Break-in Entry Door repair Markham

Markham Door Hinge Maintenance for Businesses

A photo of a continuous hinge can be seen below. It is constructed in such a way that it opens and closes in an uninterrupted motion.

Fixing Door Hinges in Markham

For Markham, ON our company provides door hinge repair services for both residential and commercial customers.

The movement of each door is enabled by the presence of a pivot. This consists of a leaf, knuckle, pin, and sleeves. Although the sizes of doors lead to different types of pivots, the components remain the same. The kind of pivot used depends on the type of door in question. For instance, entry doors of both residential and commercial buildings require distinct varieties, while interior doors, such as those to bedrooms and cupboards, also have their own special pivots.

Daily use of a door can cause the components of the hinges to become loose or even break. If a break-in occurs, it is likely that the entire hinge will be destroyed and require a full replacement of all its pieces.

The Services We Offer:

  • Repairing pivots on doors
  • Fixing pivots on commercial doors
  • Replacing faulty door pivots
  • Installing new doors or frames
  • Replacing broken pivot hinges with a continuous hinge

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The use of rotating pivots for business doors is a common practice. Generally, two to three turn pivots are employed on each door, and no more. While this is satisfactory for residential doors, which are usually constructed from lighter materials, these pivots can be vulnerable to loosening and coming undone when placed on doors made of more robust materials such as metal or steel, due to the additional weight.

Therefore, if you need to replace a broken part, it is recommended to use an uninterrupted pivot. This has the benefit of distributing the weight of the door evenly throughout the entire length of the door, rather than having two or three rotating areas. As a result, the door is supported in a better structure. Furthermore, uninterrupted pivots tend to be highly durable and rarely become worn. The only thing that may cause damage to a continuous pivot is vandalism.

In Markham, the Procedure for Mending Stripped Screw Holes in a Door Hinge

When you have a more mature door with turn hinges, the screw holes are more prone to getting stripped. You will know when this occurs when the screws become loose and start to jump out of the holes. Then, your hinges will come off because nothing is holding them to the door jamb anymore. You can’t just screw the hinges back on either due to the stripped openings. The only solution is to fix the holes with dowels and then insert new screws into them.

To start, the holes that have been stripped need to be drilled so that poplar dowels can fit into them. Afterwards, a 3/8 inch bore is used to create new passageways for the dowels. Finally, the pivots are reattached to the door jamb.

Do Your Doors Drag or Stay Put? Check this Out!

When your doors start to hang or stick, it’s an indication that your hinges are causing you problems. To rectify this, all the hinges must be tightened. In some instances, it might be necessary to replace them in order to get the door to fit correctly. Additionally, the frames should be looked at and see if the door edges might need to be sanded.

Door Hinge Maintenance and Adjustment in Markham

Proper door hinge adjustment requires alteration of the pivot points. The top pivot is most likely to experience wear due to the door’s weight, which can lead to loosening of the screws if they were originally installed too short. This will cause the door to hang down and become difficult to close. To remedy this, longer screws should be used to attach the top pivot and wood pillar, which will resolve the drooping issue.

Problems with Mortise Hinges

Issues can arise when using mortise hinges.

Before inserting a pivot, it’s necessary to carve away the wood in that area, also known as the mortise. Usually, doors are assembled in a factory, so the sizing and performance should be satisfactory. However, if the mortise is crafted by hand, it could lead to issues with the pivot in the future, making it harder to close the door.

Door Hinge Fixing Services in Markham

Standard doors utilize 3 pivots, and if one of them is malfunctioning, it is easy to fix. Take off the troublesome pivot by unscrewing it, and then replace it with a new one. The other two pivots will keep the door secure while you are making the switch. Make sure not to use the door while you are making the adjustment and ensure the new pivot is the same size and measurement as the old one. If the wood is too aged, it might be wise to use longer screws.

Markham Door Hinge Repair & Installation Services

The majority of people will decide if a new door is necessary based on the one that is already installed. Introducing new pivots can make the project more complex, so it is often smarter to purchase a door with the right pivots. Otherwise, it is recommended to cut or customize the mortise zones on the new door so the pivots will fit. As issues can arise from the mortise zones, working with a professional is key to making sure the door functions properly in the long run.

In Markham, the Repair of Door Hinges

The act of opening and shutting a door over time can cause the pivots to wear out. You may notice strange noises or difficulty in using the door, which is a sign that grease needs to be applied. If the door is not shutting properly, realigning the pivots and tightening the screws can help. However, if this doesn’t work, the screw holes may be too dilapidated for a simple fix. Contact us for a free consultation to help you decide which is the best option.

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