Commercial Lever Locks

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Commercial Lever Locks

The standard lockset for business purposes is the lever door lock. Lever locks got their name because knob locks were replaced with levers. They were made possible by ADA legislation and regulations. The only door locks used in commercial settings are increasingly being used in residential settings as well.

By pulling down or pushing on the handle, you can open the door by releasing the latch. They will accept a wide variety of lock cylinders, including SFIC and high-security cylinders. Over the years, the Lever lock has seen numerous upgrades. They offer limitless access control and come in electronic, biometric  and push-button packages.

Manufacturers face numerous difficulties because of the handle itself, such as the exterior handle breaking because of excessive force. People were pressing down on the locked lever, which caused the lever or internal mechanism to break, making the outside handle immobile when the door is locked. The mechanism was redesigned to address this issue, making it so that, while locked, the outside handle can freely move down while the latch remains inactive. The majority of commercial lever locks are created to the highest ANSI Grade 1 specifications.

Features of the Lever Lock-

Standard door lock for business purposes

Available in versions with a push button, an electrical component, and a biometric one

Available in a wide variety of finishes

Satisfy ANSI Grade 1 and 2 requirements

With OverDriveTM technology, the handle is protected


Available Lever Lock Functions-

Storeroom Purpose

Break-in Entry Function

Privacy Purpose

Passage Purpose

These locks are typically used on internal doors in homes, such as those leading to closets, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The locks used in residential applications, as opposed to business lever locks, are created with aesthetics in mind. Additionally, they come in a wider range of finishes than for commercial purposes.

RFID (radio-frequency identification) and Bluetooth technology may be the next big thing in general for lever locks. These would work quite similarly to the technologies seen in cars. When you reached the door, the key fob that was on your person would either open it right away or wait for a secondary code to be entered on a keypad on the lock or bear it. Two-step verification, which is currently used for passwords on some financial websites, is what this is known as.

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