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One of the leading locksmith businesses for 24/7 Commercial Locksmith Services . We provide commercial locksmith services to a diverse range of establishments, including new construction projects, property management firms, real estate agencies, architects, interior designers, restaurants, retail shops, schools, and hospitals.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Integrum Locksmith offers comprehensive commercial locksmith services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Their range of services includes:

  • Commercial Lock Replacement: Integrum Locksmith provides professional lock replacement services for commercial clients.

  • Commercial Emergency Service: With a commitment to swift response times, Integrum Locksmith offers emergency locksmith services for office lockouts.

  • Commercial Lock Installation: The company specializes in the installation of various lock systems, including keyless access systems.



  • Commercial Lock Repair: Integrum Locksmith is adept at performing lock repair services to maintain the security of commercial properties.



  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured: Integrum Locksmith is a licensed and bonded locksmith service provider with insurance coverage exceeding $5 million, ensuring reliability and accountability.

For businesses in Ontario, Integrum Locksmith is known for its strong working relationships with top commercial companies, making them a trusted choice for a wide range of commercial locksmith needs.

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It is preferred and suggested to choose several high-security locks for businesses and other commercial locations. These locks offer additional advantages that can help your business. More modern locks allow you to choose the type of keys you require and who has access to them, allowing you to keep an eye on things from a distance.

You can upgrade your available locksmith services, and you definitely should. As locksmith technology advances, you should decide to upgrade your business’s locks and increase security after some years. Smart locks and keypads are good solutions with modern technology at some of the cheapest costs in the area, and Integrum Locksmith can provide you with a wide range of locksmith services.

Choosing the best locksmith service is essential, especially for your business location. There are many different locks available, ranging in complexity from the most basic to the high-security limited deadbolt. Ask Integrum Locksmith, one of the leading businesses in the area, about all the solutions available in accordance with the facilities and requirements of your business.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you’re looking for a high-security lock for your workplace or business, and we’ll provide you with our list of cutting-edge solutions in this area. We can provide you with a wide range of options, including the installation of deadbolt locks, which are particularly common in shopping malls/89, office locks, industrial locks for warehouses, the making of high-security keys, and upkeep for your security system.

You shouldn’t be worried if some intruders have broken into your place of business or commercial employment. Take advantage of our 24-hour emergency assistance, and we will help you as quickly as we can. We’ll do our best to help you out and offer advice on how to avoid similar terrible situations in the future, such as installing better security systems.

Call a locksmith business, like Integrum Locksmith, and describe your situation if you have a locksmith emergency. One of our highly qualified professionals will respond to all of your inquiries and provide you with a quick pricing quote.

Locks should be replaced from time to time; roughly every couple of years, but this mainly depends on particular situations. Examples of impacting factors include how frequently you use them, whether they lock outdoors, and the condition of your locks. Although replacing your locks might seem unnecessary it is important as it will keep your house safer.

Integrum Locksmith is one of many locksmith companies you can find on the internet and will provide you with a faultless job every single day. Even if you call at night, some experts in the industry will be available to pick up the phone and help you with all of your needs. They’ll respond to your issues and get there as soon as they can.

For several reasons, you should often change and replace your locks, even if they are still in good condition. Locks and keys may get broken over time due to excessive use or weather erosion. Also, you must change them whenever a major event occurs in your life, such as the purchase of a new home, a divorce, or changing your housemates.

Replacement lock services don’t cost a lot of money. But, as it is a common and simple task, you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on it. Integrum Locksmith provides the best key replacement services at reasonable rates. You can get in touch with them and request a pricing quote so that you can better understand. The average cost of a deadbolt or doorknob lock is $90 but it varies with the type of lock. 

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