Deadbolt Locks

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Deadbolt Locks

Do You Want to Install a New Deadbolt in Your Door?

People usually see safety as their top priority when thinking about offices and houses. To avoid the worst scenario, it is important to make them as secure as possible. While there are many choices for protecting homes and businesses, some of them are more effective than others.

Although the traditional lock and key method are very effective, there are ways to increase security. A door can be made more secure by adding a deadbolt.

Deadbolt Locks Installation

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What Is A Deadbolt Lock?

For those who don’t know, a deadbolt is an additional lock that may be used in addition to a key lock and can be pushed to the side. The door jamb hole is strengthened with flimsy steel plates and screws after the deadbolts, which are solid steel, extend all the way into it. It might cost up to $600 for a locksmith to install a deadbolt, depending on the quality of the product.

Not All Deadbolt Locks Are the Same

The strongest grade, Grade 1, is typically used in businesses but may also be used in private residences too.

Grade 2 is regarded as having low commercial grade and excellent residential security.

The most basic residential security lock is grade 3.


Most Common Deadbolt Locks Installed by us-

Electronic Deadbolt lock

Grade 1,2 Deadbolt lock

High-Security Deadbolt lock

Installing a Deadbolt Lock Is Important

The traditional lock and key system can be locked and opened from the inside with a slight modification, but it requires a key to unlock the door from the outside.

Double bolts need a key to be unlocked from the inside as well as the outside.

Given that key locks are usually not very strong and the deadbolt provides an additional layer of security.

The majority of burglaries involve forced entry, thus adding an additional degree of security is quite beneficial.

Even though the majority of houses and companies throughout the world use a traditional lock and key system, installing a secondary bolt usually makes sense.

Even if there has never been a problem, having more security at home or at work can occasionally give an extra layer of comfort to a person.

It is significantly less expensive to install a deadbolt lock if you are mechanically inclined.

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