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Door Closer Repair Aurora

Integrum Locksmith & Doors offers comprehensive 24-hour door closer repair and installation services in Aurora, ON. Our skilled technicians are available around the clock to address your door closer issues promptly and efficiently. Whether you need a repair or a new installation, our team has the expertise to ensure your doors function smoothly and securely. Trust us for reliable service and quick solutions to meet your door closer needs.


Door Closer Repair & Installation Services in Aurora, ON

Door Closer Leaking Oil
Sign that the door closer needs to be replaced is when leaking oil and the door is slamming.
Door Closer Replacement
We have a wide variety of door closers for any door type.
Heavy Duty Door Closers
The best solution for broken high human traffic areas.
Door Closer Maintenance
If your door closer is leaking it probably requires some adjustment. Call our experts
Concealed Door Closers
We fix and Install concealed door closers for full glass panel replacements. Your door repair professionals.

There are various designs of hydraulic door closers, each with its unique features and mechanisms. Some closers utilize swinging arms, while others have a long shaft connected to multiple points. Regardless of the design, they all operate on the principle of creating a vacuum that pulls the main connector arm back into a resting position when the door is opened. Common issues with door closers include damage to the hydraulic arm, air pressure issues, and snags or hitches in the mechanism.

When your door or door closer is damaged, the thought of the time and cost involved in repairs can be overwhelming. At Integrum Locksmith & Doors, We prioritize your time and financial resources, recognizing their importance to you. Our 24/7 Door Closer Repair service in Aurora is designed to save you both time and money. Our skilled repair technicians will come to your location promptly, providing efficient repairs to get your door closer functioning properly again. Trust us to deliver quality service and convenience when you need it the most.

Door Closer Repair Aurora Services:

  • Loose Arm
  • When a door is hitting the frame before it is completely closed and latched
  • When a door is require an extra “push” to fully latch
  • Vertical height adjustment
  • Removing a door from a floor closer: Centre hung application and offset hung applications
  • Symptoms of Loose Arm
  • Door will not fully close.

Door will slam just before closing.

  • Door will have little or no control in latch speed range. Door will “bounce” back after closing against frame.
  • Symptoms of Loose Arm Locking Screw
  • Door will not fully close.
  • Door will slam just before closing.
  • Door will have little or no control in latch speed range.
  • Door will “bounce” back after closing against frame.
  • On hold open models, door will wiggle when in hold open.
  • Door will make a loud popping noise when taken out of hold open.
  • Door Closer Service & Repairs

If you’re facing frustration with your entry and exit doors, experiencing issues such as sticking, scraping on the frame, or step, there’s good news for you. Our skilled team at Door Closer Repair Aurora specializes in door repairs, helping you avoid the need for a new door and saving you a significant amount of money. Let us take care of your door repair needs and restore the functionality of your doors efficiently.

Remove the old door closer:

When it comes to removing an old door closer, our Door Closer Repair Aurora team follows a systematic process:

  1. Dismantling: We carefully remove the door frame attachments to gain access to the door closer.

  2. Examination: Our technicians thoroughly inspect the door and frame to ensure they are properly aligned and fitting together correctly.

  3. Selection of the appropriate model: Considering factors such as draft and pressure on the door when closing, we determine the suitable door closer model for your specific door and frame.

  4. Addressing issues: Over time, door closers can experience deterioration, resulting in hydraulic fluid leakage and other problems. This can be identified by the accumulation of dust and dirt on the outside of the closer or oil dripping from it. In such cases, the door closer needs to be replaced.

Delaying the replacement of a faulty door closer can lead to further complications. The stress and strain on the door brackets and fasteners can cause distortion, misalignment, and operational failures. Ultimately, the door may become immobile and compromise security.

After repairing or replacing the door closer, along with the associated brackets and pivots, our technicians ensure the door is fitted squarely into the door jamb’s rebate, resulting in even and correct gaps around the door edges.

At Door Closer Repair Aurora, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and provide a strong guarantee to back the quality of our work. If you have any further questions or need a quote, our knowledgeable technicians are ready to assist you and provide expert advice on all your door closer needs. Contact us today for the best solutions.