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If you’re experiencing issues with the hinges on your commercial or storefront entrance door in Peel Region Mississauga , Integrum Locksmith & Doors is the right choice for reliable and efficient door hinge repair and installation services. Our team of skilled technicians specializes in handling broken hinges and pivots, and we take pride in offering prompt same-day repair services to minimize any disruptions to your business operations.

We recognize the importance of having properly functioning doors for the safety and security of your property. That’s why we only use high-quality materials and equipment to ensure long-lasting and effective repairs or installations. Whether you require a single hinge repair or a complete installation of new hinges, our dedicated team is committed to delivering top-notch service tailored to your specific needs.

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Commercial Door Hinges Repair

When it comes to fixing doors in Mississauga, it’s important to find a company that knows what they’re doing. Doors in buildings need to work properly to keep everything safe and secure. If a door doesn’t close tightly or opens too fast, it can cause problems and might even be dangerous.

If you have issues with your door hinges, like if the door isn’t aligned right or if the screws are loose, it’s a good idea to call a professional. They can fix the problems and give you advice on how to take care of your hinges. They’re available all the time, so they can help you quickly and make sure your doors are working again.

It’s important to choose a company in Mississauga that has a license and insurance. That way, you know they’re qualified to do the work and they’ll take responsibility for any mistakes. When you hire a good company, you can trust that they’ll do a good job and your doors will be safe and secure again

Continues Hinge Installation
Replacing the pivot with a continuous hinge can indeed be a better solution for certain situations. Continuous hinges, also known as piano hinges, run the entire length of the door and provide consistent support and stability. They offer several advantages over traditional hinges
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Pivot Replacement
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Break In Door Repair
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Storefront Door Repair
Storefront Door repair of all types for any Size and Configurations
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threshold plate
Replace threshold plate if door touches floor due to weather in Ontario.
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Door Closer Replacement
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Continuous Hinge Installation

Geared Continuous Hinges are a modern solution for commercial door systems that were previously out of reach for small businesses due to their high cost. However, the prices have significantly decreased in recent years, making them a viable option for organizations of any size. By installing Geared Continuous Hinges, businesses in Mississauga Area can overcome common issues such as sagging doors, deteriorating hinges, and other pivot-related problems.

At Integrum Locksmith, we understand the importance of securely and accurately installing Geared Continuous Hinges. Our skilled technicians rely on high-quality tools like SELECT Geared Continuous Hinges, known for their strength and durability.

When it comes to the installation and repair of your commercial door hinges, you can trust Integrum Locksmith. We handle the entire process, including the removal of the door, ensuring that your project is handled with expertise and precision.

Commercial Door Hinges versus the Original Pivot

Choosing continuous hinges for your commercial area can offer several advantages, especially for businesses in Mississauga Area:

  1. Better weight distribution:Continuous hinges evenly distribute the weight of the door along the entire length of the hinge, ensuring that the door remains in place and reducing stress on specific points. This helps prevent sagging, warping, and other issues, ultimately extending the lifespan of the door and doorframe.

  2. Increased longevity:By providing consistent and strong support throughout the entire length of the door, continuous hinges can significantly increase the durability and lifespan of your commercial doors. This can save you from frequent maintenance and replacement costs, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

  3. Improved operability:Continuous hinges reduce the effort required to open and close even heavy commercial doors. This makes them ideal for high-traffic areas where smooth and effortless operation is essential, such as building lobbies or entrances. Employees, customers, and visitors will appreciate the ease of use.

  4. Reduced noise:If noise transmission is a concern in your commercial space, continuous hinges are a great solution. They operate quietly and produce significantly less noise compared to traditional hinges. This can contribute to a more peaceful and comfortable environment for everyone inside the building.

  5. Economical option:Continuous hinges are an affordable choice for businesses looking to upgrade their commercial door systems without exceeding their budget. With reduced maintenance and replacement costs, they offer a cost-effective solution that provides long-term value for organizations of all sizes.

By considering the advantages of continuous hinges, you can make an informed decision to enhance the functionality, durability, and overall experience of your commercial doors in the GTA.

Signs Of Problems Associated With Door Hinges

There are common issues that may arise with door hinges, and addressing them promptly can help maintain the functionality and longevity of your doors:

  1. Door dragging on the floor: Weak or broken door hinges can cause the alignment of the door to shift, resulting in the door dragging on the floor. This not only makes it difficult to close the door smoothly but can also cause damage to the flooring and the door itself over time. In such cases, it is advisable to replace the hinges with new ones that are sturdy and designed to withstand heavy use, such as geared continuous hinges. These hinges distribute the weight of the door evenly, preventing dragging and improving overall door operation.

  2. Squeaky door:If you have hinges that are squeaky or creaking, it is often due to a lack of lubrication, corrosion, or general wear and tear. Applying some WD-40 oil to the hinges can provide temporary lubrication and help prevent corrosion. However, if the problem persists, it may be necessary to invest in new hinges. Geared continuous hinges are an excellent choice as they are specifically designed to minimize wear and tear, offering long-lasting performance and durability. By installing geared continuous hinges, you can increase the lifespan of your doors and reduce the need for frequent repairs in the future.

By addressing issues such as dragging doors and squeaky hinges, you can ensure smooth door operation, prevent further damage, and extend the lifespan of your commercial doors. Consult with a professional door repair service to assess the condition of your hinges and determine the best course of action for optimal door functionality.

Continues Hinge Installation
The Best Solution for Broken Pivots Due the Weather in Ontario
Pivot Replamcement
The Pivot Broke on your Storefront ? Contact us
threshold plate
Due The Weather in Ontario when the door is still aligned and it starting touch the Floor its a Sign to Replace the threshold plate with Fresh one
Door Closer Replacement
We have wide verity of Door Closers for any Door Type
Break In Door Repair
We Fix and Install doors and frames & Glass Panel Replacements. Our door repair professionals.
Storefront Door Installation
Storefront Doors & Frames, Contact us


The weight and height of the door determine how many hinges are needed per door. For example, a standard door measuring 60″ or less only requires two hinges, whereas a heavy-duty or huge wood door might require three.

Security hinges often referred to as non-removable pins, are used with out-swinging doors that have locking hardware. Usually found on outward-swinging external doors. The hinge pin cannot be removed because of a set screw in the barrel.

The square corner hinge with dimensions of 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ is the most typical size for hollow metal doors and frames. Although there are several other sizes available, this is the hinge that is usually used unless something else is mentioned.

Decide where the door hinges should be placed. The second hinge is normally 11 inches from the bottom of the door frame, and the top hinge is typically seven inches below the top of the door frame. A third hinge is placed between the first two if you are installing a heavy door.

Commercial hinges are larger than residential ones, with larger knuckle diameters and thicknesses. Since residential hinges are lighter than commercial hinges, they are ideal for use in your house on a daily basis.

Outswing doors usually have security hinges installed in order to increase the protection of your home or other items. A security hinge is designed to stop someone from removing the door’s hinges and ultimately removing the door to break into your house.

If you already have hinges and you don’t want to replace them then the easiest method to stop them from rusting is to keep moisture and air away from the surface. In the past, people used to paint their hinges in order to prevent rust, but now, they also use oil and grease to seal off moisture and air.

A door’s hinges are an important part. They give the door support and stability and keep them intact as we open and close them. There are hinges installed on every door that opens inward or outward to ensure seamless operation.

Hinges: Depending on the style and thickness of the door, the number and size of hinges used will vary. The bottom hinge should be positioned 11″ up from the bottom of the door, and the top hinge should be positioned 7″ from the top of the door.

Your car’s doors may creak and clatter when you open or close them because the hinges are dry and require lubrication. That’s not merely to stop them from disturbing the peace. Without lubrication, hinges gradually bind and bend, doors may twist out of alignment, and they may even become stuck.

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