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Door Knobs

Every home needs door knobs. Depending on the style, a door knob may offer security and privacy. Many homeowners frequently fail to pay attention to door knobs. Homeowners pay attention to door knobs only when they move into a new home or when the door knobs break and they need to call door knob replacement services. It can be a severe problem if door knobs are not installed correctly since safety and security are put at risk. To make sure that your door knobs are installed correctly, you should hire Integrum Locksmith.

Common Types of Knobs


The half-dummy knob is frequently used on furniture as a drawer knob, wardrobe knob, and cabinet knob as it does not have a locking mechanism or does not rotate. It just has one side and is used to open doors.


These are used for furniture and interior doors that don’t need locks. Passage knobs are accessible from either side of the door by twisting and pulling.


For doors that need a locking mechanism for privacy, privacy door knobs are used. These usually have to be unlocked from the inside and are installed in bathrooms and bedrooms. In case someone accidentally locks themselves in or out, it has an emergency unlocking mechanism.

Store Room

An ordinary storeroom door knob has a key cylinder for locking and unlocking it as well as a rotating knob on the opposite side.

Keyed Break-in Entry

These door knobs, which have a keyed cylinder on the external knob, are usually used for residential doors. A keyed entry door knob differs from a storeroom door knob in that it has a button or twist mechanism on the interior knob.

Although using door knob services will cost you more money, you can be sure that the work will be done by skilled specialists. However, you can pick a dependable service provider with fair prices.

When you use an expert and skilled door knob services provider, you can be sure of the best installation. We’ll make sure the lock is working properly and install the new door knob securely. You can relax knowing that your property is safe since our installation ensures that the doorknobs and locks are correctly positioned and placed.

What Do We Offer

You may have come across a number of Toronto handyman services when reading blogs about home improvement. The majority of them don’t provide specialized door knob installation services. When you work with these companies, they send out unskilled technicians who might or might not do a good job installing the pull-up bar. Door knobs are important for the safety and security of homes, thus it will be concerning if the installation is not done properly.

Integrum Locksmith offers its customers a skilled handyman in Toronto and GTA who has completed numerous successful projects. You get professionals who have put in lots of doorknobs all throughout the city. So, whichever door knob style you choose to install, it will be done flawlessly. For many years, safety will be guaranteed by your door knob. Your door won’t be harmed during the installation of the doorknob, and it will be done safely.

You can feel secure inside your own house with a new door knob. Do not be concerned if your doorknobs break. Use our door knob services and feel the same level of security. When customers contact Integrum Locksmith to install door knobs, we respond quickly.

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