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Emergency Glass Repair Toronto Services​

Emergency Glass Repair Toronto

If you have smashed, cracked, or damaged glass in your home or at your business, our experienced and local glaziers can help. We offer 24/7 Emergency Glass Repair Toronto services to get your problem fixed quickly.

We’re also offering  contactless in-branch and mobile payments and services to help limit physical contact between our glaziers and customers.

Call us on  1-844-228-4012 to discuss options, costs and appointment times.

Don’t forget that damaged glass can be a potential hazard and it’s important to get repaired quickly. If possible, please don’t handle broken glass, but if you do need to clear up broken glass before our experts arrive, don’t forget to wear thick, strong gloves to protect yourself.

  • Boarding Up Emergencies & Non Emergencies
  • Shopfront Boarding Up / Window Boarding Up / Door Boarding Up / Burglary Repair Boarding Up
  • Fire & Flood Damage Boarding Up

As locksmiths/glaziers/carpenters we operate a complete boarding up service in Toronto. We secure properties 24hrs a day. If you need emergency boarding up, temporary doors or locks we can help.

We specialize in commercial boarding up and fit temporary doors to allow trading to continue. We also have a residential boarding up service 24hrs a day across Toronto.

We can attend across the Toronto area 7 days a week 24hrs a day

Whatever reason you need a board up in Toronto we are here to help. We specialize in boarding up properties and making them secure. Whether you need windows boarded or doors boarded. We can attend within thirty minutes to board up your property. We attend all residential boarding up and commercial boarding up in Toronto.

As Locksmiths & Glaziers we carry out these repairs 24hrs a day.

  • Locks Fitted • Doors & Frames Repaired & Replaced • Glass Replaced • Burglary Repairs •

As a boarding up company in Toronto we secure all storefronts and windows making them secure with our emergency boarding up service in Toronto. We use a clamping systems to secure the boards which prevents any further damage.

Emergency Broken Glass Boarding Toronto

We specialize in shopfront boarding up across Toronto. With a rapid response time of thirty minutes. As locksmiths & glaziers we are able to board up shopfronts and add extra security if needed.

  • Shopfronts Boarded Up • Temporary Doors Fitted • Glass Replaced • Added Security •

We can replace Emergency Glass Repair Toronto on the same day if necessary or at a more convenient time. We leave your shopfront boarded up and secure until you are ready to have the shopfront or glass replaced

We can fit temporary doors to enable you to carry on trading whilst new Emergency Glass Repair Toronto or doors are being manufactured. We replace all doors and repair them where possible. Please take a look at our door  repair services in the menu above.

Commercial Door Boarded

Door boarding up is one of our most used services. Whether it’s after an attempted break-in or a delivery gone wrong, we provide a fast service to enable you to carry on trading. We often cut and fit glass on-site but many doors these days are fitted with double-glazed units. This means boarding up the door is the only option as DG units are made to measure and take a few days to process.

When boarding doors we use a clamping system which is very secure and also does not damage the door or frame. In certain circumstances we use a clear security film which prevents further damage or injury.

We have an Emergency Glass Repair Toronto boarding up service and can be with you in thirty minutes across Toronto. We fit temporary doors too if required.


Glass Replacement on the same day for any Size


Glass Replacement on the same day


Glass Replacement on the same day
Frequently Asked Questions:

Regular Day Rates Can Round at 29$ – 45$ For Service Call for traveling to your location in the GTA Area the Price Splits to 3 Things

1. Location (Travel Distance)

2. Time of the Day After 8:00 PM After Hours Charged are Applied.

3. The Actual job is Priced Differently Due to the Complexity of the Service Average Prices for Lockouts are 120$ – 550$ Depending on the Locks and the Level of Security They Provide. 

Every Profession and Business Owners Have Their Expenses for Jobs to Be Able to Provide Service and Make a Profit as Locksmith is Including Lot of Expenses Around the Service that you are not aware of as Advertising Costs, Pay Per Click costs, Parts, Fuel, Insurance, Employees and Etc… Witch Make the Price Accordingly.

Yes, it is Possible!  but Not On Every Lock, this Process is Called Shimming, We Remove the Lock you Don’t have Keys for, to Reach the Cylinder, to be able to push a Shim ( Thing Metal Aluminum Stick ) Between The Cylinder and the Chamber With a New Key with No Cuts it Requires a Very High Leve of Skill Don’t Try it at Home : )  

  1. Good Locksmith Will Find the Simplest (Cheapest) Lock you Got on your Property to Save you Cost and Time.
  2. He Will Check If Possible to Pick the Lock First or Open it With Airbags If Possible, an Unskilled Locksmith Will Drill Your Lock with No Questions.
    Note: Not Every Lock Is Possible to Pick or Open with Airbags. Drilling is the Worst-Case Scenario
  3. Good Locksmith Will Explain the Prices to you Before Starting to Work so Everything will Be Clear to All Sides.

    Note:Not Every Lock Is Possible To Pick Or Open With Airbags. Drilling its the Worst Case Scenario


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