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Emergency Glass \ WINDOW Repair

Time is the importance when repairing commercial glass in an emergency circumstance. A damaged window or door on a business property can endanger the safety of both clients and staff in addition to causing damage to the structure. Because of this, it’s crucial to have a trustworthy emergency commercial glass repair service available to handle the problem right away. These services are offered around-the-clock to ensure quick response and skilled repairs while causing the least amount of inconvenience to your company’s activities.

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Emergency Glass WINDOW Repair & Board-up for STOREFRONTS and COMMERCIAL SPACES

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Emergency Glass Repair Toronto

Our skilled and nearby glaziers can assist you if you have broken, cracked, or damaged glass in your house or place of business. To solve your issue immediately, we provide Emergency Glass Repair services around-the-clock.

To reduce direct physical touch between our glaziers and consumers, we are also providing contactless in-branch and smartphone payments and services.

To discuss choices, pricing, and appointment times, call us at 1-(844)-228-4012

Keep in mind that shattered glass might provide a risk, therefore it’s important to have it replaced very soon. If at all possible, please avoid touching broken glass, but if you must do so before our professionals arrive, make sure to put on a set of thick gloves to protect yourself.

  • Boarding Up Emergencies & Non Emergencies
  • Shopfront Boarding Up
  • Window Boarding Up 
  • Door Boarding Up 
  • Burglary Repair Boarding Up
  • Fire & Flood Damage Boarding Up

Integrum Locksmith & Doors  provide a comprehensive boarding up service as locksmiths, glaziers, and carpenters. We protect properties around-the-clock. We can assist if you require emergency boarding up, temporary doors, or locks.

We are experts in commercial boarding up and can install temporary doors to keep business open. Additionally, we offer a 24-hour home boarding up service throughout the GTA.

Whatever the cause, we can provide you with a board up. Our expertise is in securing and board-up homes. Whether you require boarded doors or windows. We can board up your property in thirty minutes if you need us to. We respond to every home and business boarding up.

We do these repairs every day of the week as locksmiths and glaziers.

  • Locks Fitted 
  • Doors & Frames Repaired & Replaced
  • Glass Replaced
  • Burglary Repairs 

With our emergency boarding up service, we, as a boarding up business, protect all shops and windows, making them secure. In order to secure the boards and avoid additional damage, we employ a clamping method.

Emergency Glass Board-up Services

Storefronts boarding up is our area of expertise. a quick response time of 30 minutes. As locksmiths and glaziers, we can board up storefronts and, if necessary, offer more security.

  • Shopfronts Boarded Up 
  • Temporary Doors Fitted
  • Glass Replaced 
  • Added Security 

If required, we may replace the Glass Repair at the same day if it’s more practical. Until you’re ready to have the shopfront or glass replaced, we keep your storefront boarded up and protected.

While new Glass or doors are being made, we may install temporary doors so you can continue doing business. All doors are changed, and when feasible, they are repaired. Please check out the menu above for more on our door repair services. 

Commercial Door Boarding & Covering 

One of the most popular services we offer is door boarding up. We offer a quick solution to allow you to continue doing business, whether it’s following an attempted break-in or a delivery gone wrong. We frequently cut and install glass on-site, however many doors now have double-glazed windows. As DG units are created to order and take a few days to complete, board up the door is the only solution.

We utilize a clamping mechanism for door boarding that is incredibly secure and doesn’t harm the door or frame. We occasionally apply a transparent security film to a surface to stop additional harm or damage.

Emergency Glass Repair
Emergency Glass Repair
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Glass Replacement on the same day for any Size
Glass Replacement on the same day Or Board-up
Glass Replacement on the same day


If you want to repair broken glass, you must use an adhesive that is designed specifically for glass. You must use glue that is made to stick to many types of glass, including colored, crystal, blown, and more.

Regardless of your decision, windscreen repair and replacement don’t take very long. Replacing your windshield will take roughly four hours before you can drive your car again. If you’re fixing your windscreen, it could take only fifteen to thirty minutes to get back to normal.

Safety glass, which has high strength and great heat resistance, is another name for tempered glass. Using tempered glass for windows is definitely the best decision because of its strong structure and capacity to survive extreme weather conditions,

You can use packing tape, masking tape, or any other kind of tape, but duct tape has always been the go-to material for quick fixes. With your gloves on, apply light pressure on the glass. You can treat the glass with your tape if you don’t notice any weakness in the area around the hole in the glass.

Toughened glass

One of the most common types of safety glass is architectural tempered or toughened glass. Due to its properties, the material is a sturdy and secure building component that may be used to create anything from internal applications like spiral stairs to the basic building structure.

For frigid climates where it’s important to maintain heat, insulated glass is best. Insulated glass is the best option in terms of energy efficiency as well as help in keeping the house cooler in summer and warmer in the winter since it is made up of two or more securely bonded and sealed sheets that are only separated by a few mm of dry air.

Laminated Glass

This type of safety glass is used to create all-glass flooring.

The strongest impact resistance is provided by toughened glass, sometimes referred to as tempered glass. It is up to five times tougher than standard annealed glass or float glass.

Unfortunately, “No” is the answer to this query. Your double-pane glass is made up of two pieces of glass that are adhered to a spacer bar to form a single “unit.” The entire device needs to be replaced if one side of it breaks. The good news is that you only need to replace the insulated glass unit; you do not need to replace the entire window (frame included).

In order to give you a free estimate, we usually need to visit the location if you need to repair more than 1 or 2 windows. The following are some of the inquiries we will make of you if you only have one or two windows and would prefer an estimate over the phone-

Does the window or door have double pane or single glazed?

What is the door or window’s approximate size?

Is the glass obscure, tinted, or clear?

Is the window in your house on the first floor or a higher storey, and is it simple to get to from the outside?

Emergency Glass Repair Services Available 24/7 Across the GTA