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Fire Rated Doors East York Repair & Installation

Integrum Locksmith and Doors provides comprehensive commercial metal door installation services, including commercial steel and hollow metal doors across East York, ON.

Commercial steel doors and hollow metal doors are ideal for any commercial building, offering a secure barrier and fire-rated protection. These doors ensure the safety of your employees, yourself, and your business units.

Installing these types of doors is crucial for businesses to prevent the spread of smoke in case of a fire, prioritizing safety above all else.

Whether it’s hinges or fire-rated doors, our team at Integrum 24/7 Locksmiths can handle the installation and replacement of various aspects of your steel and hollow metal doors.

No need to contact multiple companies to fix a single hollow metal door. We specialize in commercial metal door installation and provide a wide range of other services at competitive prices.

Common Problems with Steel and Hollow Metal Doors

Different commercial steel doors and hollow metal doors serve various purposes, from fire-rated doors to industrial application doors used with forklifts, pallet jacks, or carts.

The condition of the building and its structural integrity are crucial factors in the doors’ operational life. The doors should swing smoothly without encountering external resistance. If there are structural changes to the building, the hollow metal door may no longer fit properly in its opening space and require replacement.


Weather conditions also play a significant role. Most exterior hollow metal doors serve as emergency exits and lack cover structures or awnings. Additionally, these doors are typically painted in dark colors that absorb heat. Over time, summer temperatures can cause the hollow metal doors to warp due to the heat. This warping along the edges necessitates door replacement.


The amount of traffic passing through steel and hollow metal doors impacts their operational life. High traffic leads to wear on the door, hinges, jambs, closers, and locks.

In addition to traffic volume, the age group of door users should be considered, as younger demographics may cause more wear and tear.

Doors located in alleys, docks, or any areas prone to contact with carts or hand trucks are also susceptible to damage from operational traffic.


Larger or uneven gaps indicate structural or installation problems. A larger gap can allow air infiltration.

Inability to Open or Close

The most common complaint from end-users is the difficulty in opening or closing steel doors or hollow metal doors. This issue can have multiple causes:


  • Building settling
  • Jamb no longer plumb
  • Door hardware and lock mechanisms damaged
  • Hinges are improperly secured to the door or jamb
  • Hinges worn, incorrect, abused, or improperly “adjusted.”
  • Latch not entering strike plate
  • Door closer is not operable
  • The door operator is not operable
  • Door warps
  • Door damaged

Why Integrum Locksmith and Doors Experts?

At Integrum, we specialize in the installation, replacement, and repair of various commercial steel and hollow metal doors for clients across East York, ON and throughout Southern Ontario.

Whether you need to install a steel door at your workshop or fire-rated doors for your restaurant, we are here to meet your needs with on-time service and competitive pricing.