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Dropped Doors, Weather Damage, Air Leaks, Insulations, Hinge Repairs & Alignment We Cover Everything.

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Costume Size Doors & Frames of any Size and Fire Rate We Supply & Install Fire Rated Doors Newmarket For Big Institutional Corporates

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When the Fire Inspection is Ahead of you as Business Owner It's Recommended to find a Trustable Company that Will Help you Stand by the Law Standards for fire safety

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Fire Rated Doors Newmarket Repair & Installation

Integrum Locksmith and Doors Providing Commercial Metal Door Installation of all sorts of doors, including commercial steel and hollow metal doors across Newmarket and the GTA Area

Commercial steel doors and hollow metal doors are perfect for any commercial building property. These doors make a great barrier and are secure and Fire Rated Doors Newmarket, which adds safety for your employees, yourself and business units.

Any business is in need of these types of doors installed at their location, to hold back smoke from spreading if a fire occurs. It is always better to stay safe.

Hinge or Fire Rated Doors Newmarket, we at Integrum 24/7 Locksmiths can install and replace virtually all aspects of your steel and hollow metal doors.

There is no need to call several different companies just to fix one hollow metal door. We can do Commercial Metal Door Installation and provide a wide range of other services at great prices

Common Problems with Steel and Hollow Metal Doors

Different commercial steel doors and hollow metal doors range from Fire Rated Doors Newmarket to industrial application doors that get opened using a fork lift, pallet jack or cart.

The condition of the building and its structural integrity are essential factors in the operational life of the doors. The doors should swing without external resistance. If there are some structural changes to the building, the hollow metal door does not agree anymore with its opening space and should be replaced.


The weather conditions are also an important factor. The majority of exterior hollow metal doors are used for spare exit. Usually, there is no cover structure or awning over these doors. In addition, hollow metal doors are painted a dark colour that absorbs heat. Summer temperature causes the hollow metal doors to become warped due to the heat. Over the time, these effects cause the door to become bowed along the edge requiring it to be replaced.

The amount of traffic through the steel and hollow metal doors also impact their operational life. High traffic is a cause of wear on the door, hinges, jambs, closers, and locks.

Besides the amount of traffic, the age group of those who use the doors should also be taken into consideration as there can be more wear and tear with the younger demographic.

Alley and dock doors or any door that can come in contact with a cart or hand truck similarly could be easily damaged by operational traffic.

If the gaps are larger or uneven, this can indicate a structure or installation problem. A larger gap can allow air to infiltrate.

Inability to Open or Close
The most common complaint from the end user is the inability of the steel door or hollow metal doors to open or close easily. Actually, the cause of this problem can include more than one problem.


  • Building settling
  • Jamb no longer plumb
  • Door hardware and lock mechanisms damaged
  • Hinges are improperly secured to the door or jamb
  • Hinges worn, incorrect, abused or improperly “adjusted.”
  • Latch not entering strike plate
  • Door closer not operable
  • Door operator not operable
  • Door warps
  • Door damaged

Why Integrum Locksmith and Doors Experts?

At Integrum we install, replace and repair a variety of commercial steel and hollow metal doors for clients across Newmarket, GTA and throughout Southern Ontario.

Whether you need to install a steel door at your workshop, or Fire Rated Doors Newmarket for your restaurant, we’re here to meet your needs on-time and with competitive pricing.

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Fire Doors can help in preventing the fire’s spread. Despite what you have heard, not all doors are fire doors. Fire doors, however, are specifically designed doors that allow blocking access to some areas of a building from people in the case of a fire.

This might appear strange. However, fire doors are made specifically to be able to endure extreme heat. A fire door’s purpose is to compartmentalize a building’s areas so that, in case of fire, the room it is in will prevent the fire from spreading quickly. Fire doors are essential safety features.

Fire doors are smart technological devices. They use the fire against itself in this way. Fire doors are usually composed of solid wood and have a fire-resistant coating applied.

A fire door is a specific kind of door designed to stop a fire from spreading throughout a building. The door acts as a physical barrier against the fire. Fire doors are made up of fire-resistant metals because they must be extremely strong and fire-resistant to work effectively.

Checking the certification label is one of the most authentic ways to check if the door is a fire door or not. All fire doors must have a certification label because it verifies whether the doors have undergone sufficient testing to determine their level of fire resistance. The top edge of the door leaf is  usually where you’ll find these labels.

Your company’s management will have designated a “responsible person” to make sure that they check all equipment. There will be a lot of employees in your company who are qualified to perform this, but only one person should be in charge of inspecting the doors and handling any other fire responsibilities every six months (at least).

The FD30 and FD60 are the two primary fire door types. The letter FD stands for “fire door,” and the number that follows indicates how many minutes it can withstand a fire. As an illustration, FD60 withstands fire for 60 minutes.

The government has its own recommendations on the number you should have. They recommend having one fire door for a maximum of 60 persons. They recommend two fire doors once there are 600 employees. If you feel comfortable with more, you can have more also.

The door’s thickness and intumescent seal enable it to hold fire for long enough for people to exit the building safely.

Yes, you can use any high-quality product to paint or varnish your fire door.

Realistically, it would depend on the degree of the door’s damage, which can only be determined by a qualified person. To be on the safe side, we suggest buying a new fire door if the damage to the door is visible.