High Security Locks

High security locks are intended to offer more protection than regular locks against forceful access, picking, and drilling. To ward off intruders and prevent illegal entrance, they frequently employ intricate key systems and robust construction. Several typical characteristics of high security locks include:

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High Security Lock Installation Toronto

Contact us for the lowest prices in Ontario. We Provide and Install High Security Locks to All GTA Residents. Locks prevent unauthorized visitors, intruders, and potential criminals from accessing our homes, companies, valuables, and other people. yet, if they pack up properly, they’ll also create quite a bit of hassle in our daily lives.

High Security Lock Repair Toronto

High-security lock repair in Toronto is crucial for the maximum property protection. Repair high-security locks may help you feel safe at your home, place of employment, place of business, garage, or other properties. When a thief breaks into your home, locks are usually their first line of defense, so don’t take any chances and get security installed right away.

Toronto High-Security Lock Systems Toronto

Be Careful When Choosing High Security Locks Integrum Locksmith & Doors, a professional, trustworthy, and affordable lock repair service provider in Toronto, can properly repair your high-security bolt lock. As the leading provider of space services, we have put in a lot of effort to establish a reputation for customer satisfaction and client service, working hard every day to keep your employees, Buildings and possessions are secured with a high-security deadbolt lock that is flawlessly functional. Our highly qualified and competent smith technicians are proficient in all brands and models of high-security deadbolt locks, so we can easily repair your high-security bolt lock for your home or place of business.


Why Use High Security? 

  Key copy protection – Stop just anyone copying your keys.

We can guarantee that anyone other than you will find it exceedingly challenging, if not impossible, to create unauthorized duplicate keys. 

Master Key Systems – Have One Key to Rule them All.

We can make it so that each persons key opens all the locks within the same building or organization that the person needs access to, and no others. For example, the cleaner’s key may open the all the office doors she needs to clean but not the stationery cupboard. High Security Locks Toronto. The Gardner’s key may open all the gates and the tool shed, but not the offices, etc. This is perfect for residential & commercial office buildings with multiple communal entries, stairwell, and car park doors.

Higher Security – Make your Locks Pick & Manipulation Proof.

We can make your locks fully resistant to all known techniques of surreptitious entry. That even means us. Ensure that Government Spooks, burglars or PI’s can’t pick your locks with you knowing about it. Yes, Government Law Enforcement Agencies do pick locks to take sneaky peeks, if they can.

Improved Durability & Reliability – Eliminate worn key & sticky lock problems.

Higher Security keys and lock cylinders are made from better quality materials and with tighter tolerances, ensuring that they last significantly longer than standard locks and keys. This is a must for high-traffic locks on doors such as communal entry doors that get used hundreds of times daily.

Master Key Systems:

A master key system is a system where more than one key operates a given lock or series of locks.
It can be as simple as having a communal entry door where all the individual apartment keys open the communal entry lock. It can be as complex as many locks at multiple facilities such as a mining company or hospital.

We can design a key for any position in your organization with any level of convenience desired when we build the system.

For example, whereas CEO’s key might open every lock in the company, High Security Locks Toronto. the cleaner’s key might only open all the common area doors and the cleaner’s cupboard.

A master key system properly designed and built by good locksmiths is done in such a way as to maximize convenience while minimizing the reduction to security inherent in making any given lock work with more than one key.

High Security Locks High Security Lock Installation Toronto
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Why Choose us?

When you are locked out of your home either because you forgot your keys inside the door or kilometers away, you need to contact our team. We will use modern technology to get you into your home and turn your lockout from a major problem into a minor inconvenience, without damaging your property.

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The type of locks that you must install in your home depends on a number of variables, including the preferred level of protection, the type of doors, and the security system. Our team will be able to visit your home and will help you in making the best choice if you get in touch with them.

Both locks work well and will keep your house secure but still, there are some differences between a standard lock and a high-security one. You will get some advantages from the high-security system, including improved lock control, more cutting-edge technology, kick resistance, authorized key duplication, and other features. They are stronger overall.

No. It is not suggested to install any lock by yourself. You must hire only a well-trained and skilled locksmith as they have the knowledge about installing a lock in the best way.

Not the whole lock, but just the cylinder, needs to be updated to increase security.

Most high-security systems are built with expansion in mind. In the future, if your needs change, we can add-on to your system.

Absolutely! Depending on what is necessary for your specific project, we can install new equipment, refit existing equipment, make simple replacements, etc.

Intelligent Keys, Keyless Break-in Entry, Smart Keys, Push Button Start, Push to Start, Keyless Access, and Keyless Go, are some of the several names for proximity keys. We work on them all!

Sidewinders, also known as laser cut keys, have milling on the side rather than the top and bottom. Despite the name, this kind of key can be cut without a laser!

Yes! In most cases, reusing existing hardware is a very economical and environmentally friendly approach. We often use the hardware that is already in place and simply install the missing component.

Yes. We serve throughout Toronto and GTA. 

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