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Lock Installation Services in Vaughan

If my lock is broken, should I try to repair it or replace it? The answer to this question may vary, and our home locksmith technicians cannot provide a definite answer until they assess the condition of your lock. In some cases, a broken lock can be repaired, but most of the time it cannot.

Nevertheless, we have encountered numerous broken locks, and we have successfully repaired many of them through our comprehensive Lock Installation services in Vaughan,ON. If the lock is beyond repair, our locksmith technician will guide you and assist you in selecting the appropriate replacement lock for your home.

How do I know it’s time to repair my lock?

When your lock no longer functions at its best and you feel it’s no longer secure, it’s a clear sign that it needs repair. You use your lock every day, so any slight change in its operation will be noticeable.

Some locks require repair due to external pressure, while others may need maintenance because they’ve become old and fragile from frequent use over time. Older locks may become slow or offer more resistance than usual, indicating the need for Lock Installation services in Vaughan.

Our locksmiths are capable of handling any lock issue. If repair is not possible, they will provide expert advice and assist you in replacing the lock.

What should I do if my key no longer turns in the lock?

If your key fails to turn in the lock, it’s a clear indication that your lock needs repair. Before calling professionals like us at 24/7 Locksmith to address the issue, try lubricating the keyway and using the lock again.

If lubrication doesn’t solve the problem, it suggests a potential lock malfunction. However, this doesn’t automatically mean you have to replace the lock. Our locksmith technicians will examine your lock to determine the cause and attempt to repair it.

Lock Installation Services in Vaughan

Just like everything else, locks require occasional repair and maintenance. The locksmithing industry has yet to produce a lock that can withstand the test of time and constant use.

It’s important to notify a professional locksmith as soon as you suspect a problem with your lock. The sooner you reach out to us, the easier it will be to repair rather than replace the lock. Many lock malfunctions result from minor issues that escalate when homeowners delay taking action.

In some cases, calling a locksmith immediately can prevent further damage. For example, if you accidentally break a key in the lock, it’s advisable to seek Lock Installation services in Vaughan promptly. Let’s explore the reasons you may require our services and how our professional locksmiths can assist you.

Breaking a Key in the Lock

Breaking a key inside a lock is more common than people think. It can occur due to various reasons, such as applying excessive pressure when attempting to open the lock. Regardless of the cause, it’s crucial to call a professional locksmith to repair the lock.

Leaving a lock unrepaired for an extended period compromises the security of your home. Our locksmith technicians will first attempt to remove the broken key and assess the lock to ensure no internal components were damaged.

If a section of the broken key is visible, our technician will lubricate the lock and carefully pull it out. If no part of the key is exposed, our locksmiths will utilize a broken key extractor tool. This tool catches the broken key’s bitting within the lock and gently removes it. Lubrication is essential to facilitate the extraction process. The broken key extractor tool plays a crucial role in our Lock Installation services in Vaughan.

Stuck Deadbolt Lock Installation

If your door’s deadbolt is not functioning as it should, it likely requires repair. Misalignment of internal parts can cause the deadbolt to malfunction, preventing it from fitting properly into the

strike plate.

In such cases, contacting a professional locksmith promptly is advisable. Our locksmiths will diagnose the issue and, if necessary, realign the strike plate to ensure the deadbolt fits comfortably. This straightforward Lock Installation technique is effective when the deadbolt is the problem.

Our locksmith technicians may also file down part of the deadbolt for a better fit within the strike plate.

Lock Cylinder Turns

If you insert your key and notice that the entire lock cylinder turns, it indicates a need for repair. Normally, the cylinder is secured in place by set screws, and when these screws break or become loose, the cylinder malfunctions and rotates freely.

The solution is simple: locate and tighten the set screw. However, it’s crucial to contact a professional locksmith to perform this task and avoid causing further damage to the lock.

Slow Door Lock Movements

Locking mechanisms are intricate components that ensure doors remain safe and secure. Several factors can cause slow lock movements, including extreme cold, dirt accumulation within the lock, or wear and tear of internal components.

If your lock isn’t frozen but moves slowly due to internal mechanical problems, contact a professional locksmith. In most cases, a thorough cleaning and proper lubrication of the lock’s internal parts are sufficient to restore smooth operation. However, it can also indicate excessive wear and tear, necessitating lock replacement rather than repair.

Misaligned Latch

A misaligned latch is a common issue for many exterior doors, often caused by weather stripping. Fortunately, this problem has an easy fix for experienced locksmiths.

Our locksmiths will adjust the weather stripping on the door frame, saving you time and money. Homeowners sometimes attempt complicated solutions themselves without realizing that simple fixes are available. Unfortunately, such attempts often result in more damage. If you need assistance with Lock Installation in Vaughan, give our locksmith experts a call today.

How to Troubleshoot Your Lock

Troubleshooting your lock is a simple process worth attempting before contacting professional locksmiths like us at 24/7 Locksmith. It saves time and money, as you may not always require Lock Installation services in Vaughan.

For example, something may be blocking the deadbolt from fitting properly into the strike plate, but you wouldn’t know if you didn’t troubleshoot the lock.

Troubleshooting involves identifying the problem and exploring possible solutions you can handle independently. This gives you an idea of what to tell the friendly locksmith who arrives to assist you. Sometimes, a lock only needs lubrication or an adjustment to the strike plate.

Take a few minutes to observe the door and determine the issue. If the door doesn’t stay closed, it’s likely a misaligned strike plate. If the entire cylinder turns when you insert the key, it indicates broken or loose set screws.

As a homeowner, paying attention to any malfunctioning part of your door is important. A broken lock can be more serious than you think, but there are multiple solutions available. Once you contact our professional locksmiths, you can relax knowing that we’ll take care of your Lock Installation needs in Vaughan.