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Lock Sets

A new door must be fitted with a lockset after being hung. Some doors have pre-drilled holes for locksets of a certain size. For some doors, you must drill the holes yourself using a template that the lock manufacturer provides. Any door requires cutting holes, or mortises for the strike plate and the lockset that includes the lock’s bolt in the door edge and frame, respectively.

What You’ll Need

The equipment you’ll need to install a lockset is listed below-





Combination square



Power drill with a hole-saw attachment

Here’s how to install a lockset

Step 1: Follow the manufacturer’s directions when wrapping the new lockset’s paper or cardboard template around the edge of the door. Tape can be used to hold the template down if necessary. Two holes will be located using a template: one for a lock cylinder and the other for a bolt on the door’s edge. For these two holes on the door, mark centers.

Step 2: To make the hole for the lock cylinder, use a power drill with a hole-saw attachment. Take care to not to harm the veneer on the door’s other side. Stop drilling as soon as you notice the drill’s point entering the hole and continue from the opposite side.

Step 3: Drill a hole into the edge of the door that is the right size for the bolt up until you reach the cylinder hole. Use the combination square against the door’s edge while maintaining a straight angle with the drill bit. Make holes’ edges smooth using sandpaper.

Step 4: Place the bolt plate over it after inserting the bolt into the hole. On the edge of the door, trace the outline of the bolt plate. To make the bolt plate’s mortise edge flush with the surface, remove the bolt as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 5: Cut the mortise using a chisel. Drill the mounting screw pilot holes before inserting the bolt and plate into the mortise. Install the screws to firmly secure the bolt.

Step 6: Place the exterior lock cylinder such that the connecting bar or stems can fit inside the bolt assembly. The inside lock cylinder should be attached and secured with screws.

Step 7: Determine where on the jamb the strike plate should go, and then drill the right-sized hole in the jamb. Mark the jamb for mortising and then cut the mortise using the strike plate as a pattern. Use screws to attach the striking plate so that it sits flat against the jamb.

Hiring a Locksmith Is the Way to Go

DIY is a risky way to go when it comes to installing, repairing, or replacing your door lock. So, the best option is to hire Integrum Locksmith as we are a certified company with well-trained and experienced professionals who can help you in handling lock sets properly. If you want any quotations from us just give us a call at 844-228-5414 today. We will be more than happy to help you.

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